Sunday, January 17, 2010

Bran Muffins

I'm trying to eat more fiber, and so of course the first thing any whole foods shopping hippie elitist liberal cook does when she starts trying to eat more fiber is go out and find a bran muffin recipe.  Mine came from epicurious, which referred to it as the "Rolls Royce of bran muffins":

I don't know about "Rolls Royce" (because I don't know if a bran muffin is a luxurious enough item to be compared to a rolls royce, no matter how good it is) but these bran muffins are amazing! They are SUPER moist, even though they have as much bran as flour in them (1 cup each.) I think that is in part because of the large quantity of butter, and then second in part because of the cup of sour cream in the batter. So in the end they don't have that much fiber in them at all but they taste good! But I guess really I was looking for a less moist muffin that maybe tastes a little less good but has more fiber. So probably if I make bran muffins again, I will make bran muffins that are a little drier and crunchier.

I tried a new technique when baking these. Instead of doing them in cups, I melted some butter and then brushed it into the muffin tin with a pastry brush. It worked really well, and now the outside of the muffin is extra moist, instead of stuck to a muffin cup. I will try to remember it for all muffin baking in the future!

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