Saturday, January 9, 2010

Chicken Provencale with Roasted Potatoes

Once I successfully obtained a 4.5 quart Le Crueset Cast Iron / Enamel French Oven, it was inevitable that I was going to also obtain some herbes de provence and roast a chicken in it:

First words out of my mouth after taking a bite of this chicken:  Oh Fuck Yeah!

After subsequent bites I wasn't quite as unanimously positive:  In order to incorporate the roast potatoes into the recipe (which did not originally include roast potatoes) I changed quantities of some of the elements of the sauce on the fly.  I think I may have ended up with too much lemon juice and not enough butter (gasp!)  Also I used the leftover champagne from NYE instead of actual wine in the sauce, so that might have caused a problem.  Also Also while I think this might have been a little better if it had roasted a little longer, I also think the chicken would have been overdone if it had roasted a little longer, so, like, catch-22.  French cooking, man!  I have a couple of other chicken provencale recipes I want to try in my french oven before I come back to this one.  Notably, one with blanched tomatoes and ANCHOVY PASTE!!! (Next weekend!) 

Smells amazing in my house, 3 more super healthy portions of this in the freezer for next week's lunch, so it's still a win!  Tomorrow I continue my "restock the freezer with little old lady cubes of frozen high fiber meal" series with a turkey sausage and garbanzo bean soup.  Um, have I mentioned how awesome it is to be able to go in to whole foods and, not only do they have freshly made turkey sausage, they have it in like 5 flavors?  FUCK YOU, CHAMPAIGN!

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