Sunday, January 24, 2010

NFL championship weekend: two course sunday dinner!

Since it was NFL championship weekend and TWO teams won conference championships, it was only fitting that I made two courses for my sunday dinner!  I did some white beans with sage and chicken sausage in tomato sauce, and some garlic roasted potatoes w/ herbes de provence:

I did chicken sausage with the beans because I wanted to dish to be a little lighter, and intially I was worried that it would come out too dry without actual pork sausage, but I think the chicken sausage actually goes well.  The beans kind of gravy-fy themselves cooking for like 2 hours with sage and garlic and olive oil, and they are really heavy and filling, so I think pork sausage might have been too much.  This white bean dish still isn't quite what I want:  I'm starting to figure out that I want one with alot more tomato and some sugar.  Don't get me wrong, this one is good (and filling, god. Two spoons of the white beans pretty much filled me up), but it's still not exactly what I imagined I would be getting when I started making these tomato and white bean dishes  This is like the third one in a row that, after I tasted it, I immediately thought "I should have used another can of tomatoes!"

Cannelini beans are kind of paradoxical, because they are really delicious and nice and filling and hearty and kind of buttery without being unhealty, but goddamn do they take a long time to prepare!  I remembered to leave these soaking in water the night before, and I still had to cook them for like THREE HOURS before they were tender.  I guess that's just how it goes with such a dense little bean!  The whole time I was waiting for them to get soft I kept thinking "god, I'm too hungry, this is taking too long, never again, cannelini beans!" but then when they were done and I took I bite I was like "ok well maybe 1 more time."

The garlic potatoes were ok.  The recipe I used called for unpeeled garlic, which could then be squeezed and mashed in with the finished potatoes during the actual meal.  I was so full of beans by the time the potatoes were done roasting though that I didn't want to sit down and squeeze garlic and mash it in to my potatoes, so I didn't try them with the actual garlic, so they weren't nearly as garlicky as I was hoping they were going to be when I saw that the recipe called for 24 cloves of garlic.  If I tried this recipe again (which I probably won't, there are too many other options), I think I would mince the garlic and glom it all over the potatoes while they roast.

Not sure what I'll be doing next weekend.  I have a recipe for roast potatoes with bacon that I might try, and another recipe for lamb shank with feta that's been floating around at the top of my queue for awhile.  I look forward to inspiration's strike!


Laura said...

Ahhhh I haven't eaten dinner yet and now I am SUPER hungry!!! And since I'll most likely be eating a frozen pizza for dinner, I'm also sad that I don't have anything so tasty looking to eat! ;)

laz said...

I wish you could have some of this! Especially because I just tried the potatoes w/ the mashed garlic and they're like 100x better! And also because I made enough for 12!

Laura said...

Potatoes and garlic are two of my favorite things! I waaaaaaant some! :)