Sunday, January 17, 2010

White bean and turkey chili with mole

It was another 2 days of football and cooking weekend! And also my second 3 day weekend in a row, wow! Today's offering is a white bean and turkey chili with mole:

This is more what I wanted when I made that chicken and white bean chili a few weeks back.  I like this alot, especially because the mole gives it a bit of a different taste, but I still don't think the broth is as acidic as what I would like.  I kept wanting to add lime to it.  I used turkey sausage in here because it was on sale at WF, but I think this might have been better with some shredded chicken in it.  So really what I want is a blend of the chicken chili and this one, where I use the broth from this but with chicken.  Or maybe forget the meat and just have tomato tomato tomato, lime, and some white beans.  Oh and maybe some garlic.

I think the garbanzo bean soup I made last weekend is still my favorite one from the series, because the broth from that one was just exquisite.  In fact, I ate some of that tonight while this chili was still cooking, and then I only ate enough of this to know what it tastes like and socked all the rest away in my Frozen Food Cubes. 

Don't know what I'm going to make next weekend.  Another bean soup?  I might be making cupcakes for a stargate:universe scotch tasting with cupcakes.  I might also be making more bran muffins.  Either the same ones I made this week if I am weak, or some crunchier, healthier ones if I am strong.  Can't wait until inspiration strikes!

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