Saturday, January 30, 2010

Whole wheat fettuccine with chicken sausage and sage

I wanted to take a break from bean soup this week but still use my power for the forces of high fiber, so I made this whole wheat fettuccine with chicken sausage, sage, and parmesean:

What I like the best about this dish is the noodles and the heat given them by the huge quantity of crushed red pepper I tossed in.  The noodles essentially get fried with the sausage at the end of the preparation, and then crusted with parmesean.  I did them up al dente so they didn't get all mushy.  Love them!  Ah, nice and hot.  I used like 5x the amount of crushed red pepper called for, so worth it.  Mmmmm and you can't see them but there are some crispy fried garlic chips on the top!

The recipe called for sweet sausage, so that's what I got, but given how hot I made the noodles I think if I did this again I'd get hot sausage.  I can see myself making it again, it's pretty easy.  Or maybe not-- it's not that remarkable and there are a million pasta dishes out there.

Next week is a cupcake weekend.  I have big plans to drink canadian whiskey and watch TOS and eat cupcakes.  I'm psyched because I got a huge container of sprinkles in varying shades of pink from the bakery at the market district!  Expect to see cupcakes with pink sprinkles next weekend!  Probably chocolate with vanilla cream frosting, because that is my favorite kind!