Saturday, February 6, 2010

cogsci abstract canadian whiskey cupcakes

Um, for some reason I got really stressed out about my cognitive science abstract.  I submitted it yesterday though, so tonight my canadian co-author is bringing over some whiskey from his homeland and we are going to drink it, cablab style, with CUPCAKES:

This is definitely the best buttercream I've ever made.  Which is surprising, since I've made this buttercream recipe before.  I suppose that the previous time I made it I didn't let the butter get the right level of soft before I mixed the sugar in.  Forty-five seconds in the microwave, sarah!  Oh, it's so good.  I only ate a tiny little taste of it, but it was perfect!

Um, did I mention that we're going to watch ST:TOS while we drink this whiskey and eat these cupcakes:

I wanted to do two standing yellow gummy bears and a dead red gummy bear for one decoration, but I eventually decided that gummy bears might taste kind of weird on these cupcakes, and that m&ms would be tastier.  Plus I probably couldn't have made the starfleet emblem with gummy bears.

I kind of messed the cupcakes up (I forgot to add the oil) but the way that I screwed them up resulted in them being super gooey and a little less greasy, which is not such a bad way to screw up chocolate cupcakes, in the end.

Besides, hopefully we'll be way too drunk to notice.

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