Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sweet Orange Chili

After 3 consecutive weeks of whole wheat fettuccine with chicken sausage and sage for dinner every night, I was ready to go back to bean soup.  I did really perfect my fettuccine recipe though! 

I wanted to make a bean soup that was somewhat different from my previous bean soups, so I took a vegetarian angle:

What you can't tell from this photo is that this is a very, very sweet soup.  Probably sweeter than some red bean desserts I've had at asian restaurants.  It's got the juice of 2 oranges, about .25 cups molasses, and about 2 tblspns sugar in it (for 4 servings.)  The recipe actually didn't call for it to be so sweet (the recipe didn't call for molasses or sugar at all), but I took a taste of it while it was simmering and decided it definitely needed more sweetness.  I'm really glad I made that change!  The recipe also didn't call for garbanzo beans, but I'm also glad I used 2 cans black beans 1 can garbanzos instead of 3 cans black- the garbanzos improve the color and texture. 

I contemplated also adding raisins, but I thought that might be psychologically weird for me while eating it if I wanted to top it with sour cream, which I did. 

I'm trying to think of how this ranks with my other bean soups that I've been making. I like it, but I think it might be the worst one.  I think I would rank them as:

Jalapeno broth soup with garbanzos and turkey sausage
White bean chili

Oh wait wait, the chicken and white bean chili I made with cream and a roasted chicken was actually the worst.  So this is only 2nd to worst!  I think it's because, in my heart, I prefer a really spicy, meaty chili to a sweet, beany one.  I'm still glad I made this this week though, because it is hugely different from what I've been eating, even when compared with the other bean soups, so while in absolute taste it's not so great, as a bit of variety it's very welcome.'

Still haven't found that perfect white bean and tomato chili.  Maybe I will attempt it again next weekend.  I've also started thinking about what I'm going to make for KDF and EW when they are in town.  I have 1 idea, but it is a secret. :)

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