Sunday, March 7, 2010

Shake Week!

Wow, what an amazing coincidence:  CMU spring break exactly coincides with Shake Week, a milkshake celebrating week that I just made up on my drive home from coldstone:

I had to make this week up because I decided, after looking at the latest photo on that I NEEDED A MILKSHAKE RIGHT NOW IMMEDIATELY THIS INSTANT.  I wanted to go to ben & jerry's but it was closed.  Coldstone was open, and because I can never resist cake batter ice cream, I got a cake batter shake. MISTAKE!  Uggh, way too sweet.  Like butterscotch flavored with elemental diabetes.  CHOCOLATE SHAKE, sarah!  This nonsense can't be my only shake!  So, shake week was invented.  On my shake tasting itinerary:

Pittsburgh Milkshake Factory
Ben & Jerry's

Milkshakes:  Fuck yeah!

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