Saturday, April 24, 2010

Dr. Jackson, I presume?

Last night was a "stargate night"-- we had 3 old episodes of SG:U to watch plus there was a new episode last night with a guest appearance by michael shanks aka Dr. Daniel Jackson aka the hippie linguist who needs a haircut but still has a working knowledge of alien weaponry.  I bought some Grey Goose and stuck it in the freezer in prep, and on the same trip where I bought the Grey Goose I bought some lime popsicles at whole foods.  My original plan was to get drunk on frozen Grey Goose and then have a popsicle.  But divine inspiration struck (partially in the form of a Canadian), and I decided to instead BLEND THE POPSICLE AND THE VODKA TOGETHER:

Testimonial from my co-conspirator:  "This is amazing.  You should put this on the internets."  That's how good it was, good enough to GO ON THE INTERNETS.  It was so coollldddd and sweeeetttttttttt and limmmmmeeeeyyyyyyy.  We decided to call it the "Dr. Jackson," in honor of Michael Shanks' guest appearance. GO DRINK ONE NOW!

Here is the recipe, to help you do just that.  It's really easy, so you really have no excuse:

Whole Foods 365 Lime Frozen Fruit Bar

Place popsicle in blender (stick removed)
Pour 1.5 shots of vodka in blender

I would probably be drinking one now myself if we hadn't consumed my entire box of popsicles in this way last night. 


Lauren Davis said...

Dude. Best cocktail recipe ever. Next time I make margaritas, I'm buying a pack of lime bars.

Anonymous said...
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Laura said...

Wow, that sounds AMAZING! We should have those when you come to visit!!

laz said...

last night we tried 1 mango popsicle, 1 strawberry popsicle, and 3 shots dark rum... that might have been even better, as hard as that is to believe!