Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering.... with steak

I finally felt recovered enough from cooking for my mommy when she was in PGH to try something new this weekend.  Since it is American Barbecue Day, I thought I had better try something new that was also meat-based.  Thus, skirt steak with chili lime sauce and shallot:

The sauce is lime juice (from an jamaican ugli lime, which are so sweet and amazing I ate like half of the lime raw), sugar, fish sauce, serrano pepper, and shallot.  The pepper gives it a nice heat.  The recipe called for 3 tblspns of water, presumably to soften the taste of the fish sauce, but I wasn't having any of that.  Give me the fish sauce taste!!!! 

I completely fucked up the steak.  I couldn't find my broiler pan, so I tried broiling it on a cookie sheet.  When the heat cased the cookie sheet to snap out of shape, the noise freaked me out too much to keep using the broiler, so I just baked it at 500 degrees until it was cooked through.  The texture was not enjoyable.  I think I might stay away from broiled meats for awhile.