Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sea Bass Veracruz

Tonight's submission was a reader suggestion from "Pervy" RJ:  fish prepared in the "veracruz" style with tomato, onion, garlic, olive, and pickled jalapeno:

The source RJ pointed me to told me that this preparation is typically done with red snapper or sea bass, and lo and behold chilean sea bass was on sale at whole foods when I went in for ingredients-- serendipity! 

The sauce was truly divine, it has a salty acidy tomato-ey profile that really hit me the right way.  I completely fucked up the fish though, which was too bad because these were some beautiful fucking whole foods sea bass filets.  I should have halfed them vertically, they were too thick to get nice and permeated by the heat.  I also should have scooped the sauce all out so they would be right on the heat, and turned the heat up while I was baking them.  I have pretty much no experience cooking with fish, because there was never any that was even remotely edible for sale in champaign.  This sauce was so good that I might actually try this again though, doing more right by my fish.  I'd probably go with red snapper if I could a second time, because sea bass is too expensive for me to buy it every time I'm going to experimentally fuck up some fish.

The smell of the sauce while it was reducing (and the fish was marinating in lime juice and salt) was amazing, it was making Mr. Monk go completely out of his mind.  He didn't get any fish though, I was afraid I hadn't boned it all the way.  Instead he got little chunks of tortilla soaked in the sauce.  Oh man, he was smacking his lips like crazy!  Good dog!

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