Sunday, June 20, 2010

What I ate in ABQ

I ate alot in ABQ.  The first night I was there, I got some Pupusas at Santa's Pupuseria.  It was way better than the Whole Foods pupusas, but I forgot my camera! But I promise, it was really good. 

Through divine providence, it was the weekend of the ABQ annual spring food festival when I was visiting (!!!!!).  My strategy was to walk around buying everything that looked good to eat, and then eat it. I started with some mini apricot white chocolate muffins:

I only bought 1 but the lady selling them was packing up for the day so she gave me a second one for free!!! Amazing!  Next was a sample from one of the restaurants that was at the festival.  It's a little crostada with goat cheese and a beet chip:

Right after the beet chip, I got some lamb stew from another restaurant.  It was like 120 degrees outside, and it was way too fucking hot for lamb stew, so I didn't actually eat it.  The next thing I DID eat was from this tent:

I want to be referred to as a "Kitchen Witch!"  The kitchen witch actually had my favorite food from the festival, some mushroom pate:

Perhaps the wickedness was what particularly tickled my taste buds??  We were still really hungry after the food festival, because it had been so hot that there wasn't really too much that looked appetizing to eat, and what we did eat was all sample size.  We went to the Hard Rock Casino for a while afterwards for air conditioning, penny slots, and (most importantly) free root beers on the casino floor!!!!! But there wasn't anywhere that looked too appealing for lunch in the casino, so LEM and DEW took me instead to what they assure me is an ABQ tourist standby, Frontier!  I took a cool tourist photo of the sign outside the original location, near the UNM campus:

I was so starved that I obliterated my chicken nacho plate before I thought to whip out my camera, but it's carcass is impressive (pictured next to the carcass of LEM's sweet roll, which was so amazing the taste of the bite LEM let me try stayed in my mouth for like an hour afterwards):

I loved that there were raw jalapenos on the nachos!!!!

On Sunday night, we had some Real Nebraska Brats w/ red potato salad and TEQUILA, but I again was too hungry to remember to take photos.  Those Brats have me dreaming of brats, and they were perfect with potato salad and tequila!

I also ate a green chili cheeseburger from Twisters on Saturday, and it was as good as I remembered it from the last visit, with it's huge bed of curly fries!!!!!

Thanks LEM and DEW for sponsoring this whirlwind spicy food face stuffing event!

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Laura said...

Yay!! I just saw this post after getting home from my trip! I'm glad you enjoyed your Albuquerque eating experience!!!