Sunday, October 24, 2010

butterscotch chip brownies

I was skimming through the epicurious top ten collection looking for 10k recovery recipes and came upon a very highly reviewed brownie recipe.  Then while I was in the baking aisle collecting ingredients, the imp of the perverse whispered to me to buy a bag of butterscotch chips.  The result:

How did it turn out?  Well, as it happens, highly rated brownie recipe + an entire additional bag of butterscotch chips (minus what I snacked on last night after my workout) = critical success!

I was warned by the epicurious reviews that this recipe would turn out too fudgy if I didn't add extra flour, so I added about an extra cup, and now I think the consistency is about what I would call perfect for a brownie. The butterscotch chips kind of take over the chocolate flavor, so I think when I do this again I'll try peanut butter chips or no chips at all.

I'm eating some hot, hot veggie stirfry as I'm writing this, and the patriots are winning.  Life is good!

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