Saturday, October 16, 2010

mmmmmmmmmushroom risotto

It is fall, and there are amazing looking mushrooms of every variety exploding out of bins in the whole foods.  Also, mushroom risotto is tom brady's favorite food.  And then I spied a mushroom risotto recipe that calls for a whole pound of italian sausage on epicurious:

Mushroom and italian sausage risotto is apparently up there with chili on the list of foods that taste great but look terrible in photos.  I attempted to stage this photo with a little sliced tomato and basil on the top, but that just looked sad, so I tried for an angle where mostly all that is visible is the parmesano reggiano.

This is GREAT!  I bet I make better mushroom risotto than giselle. :D  I don't know how a dish with no cream in it can be so creamy.  It has pretty much no spice in it, just a dash of oregano, although I was sooooooo tempted to toss some red pepper flakes in while I was sauteeing the mushrooms.  The flavor all comes from the sausage, the mushrooms, and a reduction of 1.5 cups of red wine.  I think what makes it amazing is that you cook it slow and stir it for like an hour, adding more and more chicken stock as you go, so the rice is cooked not with water, but with chicken stock, red wine, and butter.  Plus then you have a pound of whole foods italian sausage in there, that never hurt.

It's been about 3 years since I made mushroom risotto, and as I was scarfing down my plate I tried to remember why, since I loved it then and loved it again tonight.  I think part of it is that the last time I made it was for a disastrous patriots super bowl loss, which has negative associations for a variety of reasons.  I also think I just forget how GOOD it is, especially now that I can toss it with parmeseano reggiano, which is my current Favorite Food.

Not sure what I'm going to do next weekend.  All the recipes I have cut out of bon appetit right now are for desserts, but I'm still trying to cook with an eye towards limping through my long sunday runs.  I still have all the ingredients for maple shortbread that I didn't make last weekend, which I'm planning to do tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted after my aforementioned long run.  Shortbread and mushroom risotto after a long run will be obscenely, almost maliciously good!

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