Sunday, November 7, 2010

Power of sinus and ovary

Since I am both stricken with october plague and menstruating, it is obvious that the best possible food for me to eat would be both 1) spicy and 2) salty.  Thus, EXTRA spicy pad thai with EXTRA fish sauce:

Usually I HATE the smell of the peanut oil fried eggs, but apparently there is a critical exception to this rule for menstruation.  I seriously plucked like a whole fried egg out of the pile while I was frying the noodles.  I guess it's also possible that the whole foods peanut oil is of a superior quality to what I usually would get to make this in champaign, meaning that it doesn't smell as odious when it is heated up.  Probably actually I had it at a better temperature tonight too, because I was using a candy thermometer to prevent frying Disasters.  

This batch turned out about perfect.  I really like this recipe, and it responded well to the extra fish sauce ginger, and sambal I added tonight.  God, I love pad thai!  So many flavors!  I would make this probably every weekend (or even every night) if it wasn't so labor intensive:  it takes about 2 hours of standing over a hot wok.  Very glad I came back to it tonight though!

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