Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving: a time for pie

I am WAY too stressed to have made an entire charity grad student thanksgiving several course meal this year.  I didn't want to let one of the year's premiere eating events go by unnoticed though, so I went the Pie Route.   I'd been excited about making a pecan pie for thanksgiving this year since before I got stressed, so I chased that dragon, but when I found out on epicurious that you can make a double layered pie with a layer of pumpkin and a layer of pecan, and then douse that double layered pie with whiskey butter sauce, it was clear what I had to do:

You can notice that the wall of all-butter crust is approximately 2x as high as your typical pie crust, that is because of the double layered goodness.  Ahhhhh it tastes like, after thanksgiving dinner, you couldn't decide whether you wanted pecan or pumpkin, so you had a slice of both, and then you kind of mushed them all together on your plate.  It's got all your thanksgiving dessert flavors together, in one!  As such though it was really good, it didn't really satiate my craving for a straight up sugar shock pecan pie.  

As if two desserts in one weren't enough, you can also cover it in vanilla ice cream and then cover the ice cream with whiskey sauce:

The whiskey sauce here was a huge problem.  WAY TOO MUCH WHISKEY.  It thought it was mostly just going to be sweet, but it tasted like I poured a shot of whiskey on my pie.  Maybe some people would be in to that but I wasn't (maybe partially because I was actually drinking some of the remaining whiskey at the same time I was eating the pie??)

As a pie, just for a pie's sake, and with no whiskey sauce or pecan pie expectations though, it was about perfect for Thanksgiving, because it had all the classic Thanksgiving flavors!  Pie Success!!

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Laura said...

Wow, that looks amazing!!! I'm catching up on your blog after my internet history was erased and I temporarily didn't have it bookmarked. But now I'm back!!