Saturday, December 18, 2010

Curry #1: Ginger Coconut Curry

LEM got me the "660 Curries" cookbook for Christmas!  I am very excited about this gift, and am going to go through many, many curries.  I thought I would orient myself by starting with a pretty "safe" curry, and work my way up from there.  So I went for a chicken curry with coconut and ginger:

The Indian name for this dish is murghi ni curry, and the sauce there is made up of ginger, garlic, fresh coconut (I learned how to open a coconut!  First time ever using a claw hammer in my cooking!!!), peanuts, serrano chiles, coriander, tomato, and cilantro!  IT IS SO GOOD.  Definitely the best Indian food I have ever made.  GOOD CHOICE LAURA!!!!  God, I want to eat so much more than what is in my dish!  And my house smells AMAZING!  It would have been really easy to make too, if I had known in advance how to open a coconut, and not had to figure it out by experimentation.  The coconut makes it so creamy, but it doesn't have any cream!  The sauce is delicious, and spicy from the chiles!  I used skinless chicken thighs, so the chicken is super succulent.  Dizzamn!

Rating for Curry #1:  * * * * *

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Laura said...

YAY! I'm so glad that you are enjoying the cookbook!! That makes me very happy! :D I'm amazed that you already made one of them! Now I need to come visit so that I can eat some of this deliciousness!