Sunday, December 19, 2010

"Holiday" Cookies

The story of how these cookies came into being is complicated (although not necessarily interesting in equal proportion):

Fred Claus was on TBS when I turned my tv on this morning, and I kind of ignored it as I went through the morning chores:  feeding mr. monk, making breakfast, giving mr. monk his eye medicine, doing laundry.  It was still on when I took a moment out before heading to the gym to have snuggle time with mr. monk, and seeing all those elves made me want to make sugar cookies!  I ignored the urge, and started to get ready to go to the gym, but when I checked my iPod I found the battery was dead, so I had to charge it for awhile before I could leave.  With about 30 minutes on my hands all of a sudden, I decided to go for it and make some sugar cookie dough, and pick up some decorations on my way home from the gym.

Sooooooooo I go to Trader Joe's after the gym, and pick up some candies that look like they might be good cookie toppings:  pecan praline, mini chocolate covered vanilla truffles, and discs of baking chocolate.  While there, I spied some shortbread chocolate thumbprints, and decided pretty much before I even got out of the store that I would use the chocolate discs to make chocolate thumbprints.

Once home, I realized that the only cookie cutters I have are in the shape of dog-related items.  E.g., bones, fire hydrants, and doghouses.  Thus, the bone cookies.  I think I'll just make a bunch of circles, and make some of them thumbprints, and sink the caramels and pecans into some plain circles right when they get out of the oven.

The thumbprints came out well, considering I just decided to make them on the fly, had no recipe, and had never done them before, but the chocolate was not sweet enough, and, fuck it, this sugar cookie recipe is terrible.  I should have known that, because I had made it before, but I somehow forgot that it was terrible or that it was THIS one that was terrible, so I fell for it again and ended up with bitter cardboard tasting sugar cookies.  So I have some bitter cardboard tasting sugar cookies with bitter chocolate on them, and some with nothing on them.  YUCK.  I threw out the plain ones, and am going to take the chocolate covered ones in to work tomorrow because I think that even though they taste terrible they look good enough that they will get eaten.  And who knows, maybe people who like dark chocolate or something will really like them.  UGGGH.  What a day long time wasting complicated fuckup.

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