Wednesday, December 29, 2010

holly jolly christmas

I managed to convince my mom to let me cook in her kitchen this year, so there was ginger cake with chocolate glaze and candied ginger after christmas dinner:

My sister "helped" by stirring the glaze, djing the christmas tunes, designing a ginger decoration that would leave un-gingered portions for timid dinner guests, and offering moral support.

The glaze turned out pretty well, and I thought the candied ginger added a nice flavor and texture, but the cake itself was far too dry for me.  It needed either more butter or more oil or more eggs, or all three.  Maybe a little of each.  

I don't think I'll make this again.  Especially now that I have so many desserts to try in my Cook's Illustrated New Best Recipe cookbook that my mom got me for Christmas!  Other cooking related christmas bounty:  a 9 in square platinum cake pan (needed to prepare the ginger cake), an icing decorating set (pastry bags and tips), some new mixing bowls, measuring cups, and preparation bowls, a really cute vera bradley apron from my sister, a 2 quart nonstick strainer lid kitchen aid pot, and, OF COURSE, my 7 quart viking professional stand mixer (in red!)  This holiday take has tremendous potential for deliciousness in the 2011!

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