Friday, December 31, 2010

Year of the Stand Mixer

I really do try to spend New Year's Eve doing what I want to do in the upcoming year.  To roll out 2010 and ring in 2011, that means I'm watching horror movies with mr. monk and drinking pink champagne.  While we watch and snuggle and sip, brownies are in the oven, fresh out of my new stand mixer:

What a beautiful sight this is!  I've actually never had any workable mixing devices before (I have a hand mixer which is about one tenth as effective as just stirring with a spatula), so in addition to being a beautiful sight, that gooey chocolatey brownie batter covered beater is the first beater covered with my own brownie batter I've ever gotten to lick clean!  I think this bodes well for 2011.  

I'm planning tomorrow to make curry #2:  probably white pumpkin and corn curry!  Happy New Years, Friends!  I hope you all have many beaters covered in brownie batter to lick clean in 2011!

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