Friday, January 21, 2011

Boston Baked Beans

I made boston baked beans as a nice alignment of the stars of my bean phase and the patriots game last weekend:

The less said about the football game the better.  I got this recipe out of my new best recipe cookbook, but I think it was kind of a loser (like the patriots, unfortunately), although maybe that was my fault-- I couldn't get the kind of beans I was supposed to have and I also used all bacon instead of 1/3 bacon 2/3 salt pork.  I tried white kidney beans, but they were too big and ended up dry and tasteless.  I think the lack of salt pork hurt too-- I bet the beans would have been a lot richer if there had been 4 oz of salt pork in there like there was supposed to be.  I won't make this again-- my search for the perfect baked bean recipe continues!

This weekend I am making the new best recipe chili.  I hope it turns out better than the baked beans!  

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