Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chili Day (part N)

Last night mr. monk and I only got to snuggle for about an hour before I took off for Dracula:  The Ballet.  I promised him that today I would give him extra snuggles!  So I stayed home with him and watched many dollhouse episodes, while making a black bean and butternut squash chili:

Wow, the rare chili that actually looks as good as it tastes!  Here's the lowdown on this bad boy.  I used dried black beans, and I didn't have the heat up high enough while I was simmering them, so they ended up too tough even though I simmered them for about 4 hours instead of the recommended 2.  However, brightside, the squash here is AMAZING!  The recipe suggested I could sprinkle sea salt on here as a garnish, and man, when the sea salt hits those simmered, soft chunks of squash:  FIREWORKS!  Butternut squash is now official on my em effing soup radar!  I already have some new and exciting butternut squash soup possibilities bookmarked for next weekend!  Although, they might have to wait for 2 weeks if I am cooked out after the upcoming Festive Vegetarian Challenge.

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