Saturday, February 5, 2011

Curry #3: Poached shrimps in tomato sauce with fried onion paste

Curry #3 is Bhuna Hua Jhinga:  poached shrimps in slow cooked tomato sauce with fried onion paste:

This is definitely more in the direction I am looking for in a shrimp curry.  It's not vinegary (it doesn't have any vinegar), and I did double the shrimp this week after the paltry servings I ended up with last week.  It came out with 5 decent sized servings, and I'm glad I doubled the shrimp (up to 2 lbs!)  I feel like I overspiced it though.  The fried onion paste (pyaaz kal lep) was DELICIOUS (how could it not be, I slow fried a red onion in canola oil for 35 min and then pureed it with an equal volume of water), but I can't really taste it any more in the final dish, the spices are too strong, and a little too hot for me (though not as bad as last week).  I also can't taste the ginger that was part of the foundation for the sauce, which is a bummer since I love ginger.  Basically I can only taste my least favorite spices in the sauce.  On the bright side, unlike last week, I came out with a lot of sauce, which is what I like (even though this isn't my favorite sauce ever)-- the complex, hot, sauces are what draw me to indian food (and thai food too, for that matter)!

I would consider making this again, although I'd definitely add less cumin, coriander, and turmeric.  I discovered last week that the flavors even in the chili vinegar sauce blended and softened quite a bit when I got to the leftovers-- the dish basically got better and better as the week went on.  So I'm hoping that will happen again this week.  At least I have enough portions for my lunch all week long!

I just wish LEM was here to share it to celebrate taking the Foreign Service Exam! ;)

Rating for Curry #3:  ***

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