Sunday, February 27, 2011


After the transcendental experience of sea salt sprinkled butternut squash I experienced in my recent black bean chili, I decided to try some other dishes with butternut squash as an ingredient.  Thus, butternut squash risotto:

It's official:  I love all risotto, not just mushroom.  This dish is AMAZING.  And relatively low calorie as well.  The squash is sweet, the port used in the risotto reduction is sweet, but it has sea salt and some sage to make it salty, it's so warm and soft and gooey but has a little texture from the larger cubes of squash.  It is PERFECT for the cold weather.  I LOVE it.  The only downside to it is that it takes FOREVER to make.  It took all afternoon, and the whole preparation is pretty active, since you have to stir it almost constantly and add liquid every 6 minutes or so to get that nice soft but not mushy texture out of the rice.  So, I'll probably make it again, but not for awhile.  

This is an example of a "comfort food" that doesn't comfort by means of adding additional layers of fat to the ass.

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