Saturday, August 4, 2012

Vegan: Week 1

I've been on my vegan diet for 10 days now.  I had an amazing moment on Friday night at the grocery store, when I was trying to decide whether to get some brown rice sushi or wait until I got home to eat. What I realized was that it didn't have to be EITHER eat sushi now OR eat when I got home:  I could eat 150 calories of brown rice sushi now and if I was hungry later still eat pretty much as much edamame and cucumber as I wanted at home.  After 3 years of calorie restricting, this was an incredible feeling.

I have a ton of energy, I'm feeling great at the gym.  I think my sleep schedule is even evening out a bit, but there are some confounding factors with that so I can't be sure yet.

I think the hardest thing to go without so far is olive oil.  In the past, cooking vegetables meant cooking with olive oil.  It's hard to get out of that mind set.  But I have a couple of good cook books (happy herbivore and veganomicon) that are helping.  Last night I made vegan mac and "cheese" that was actually really good.  Nutritional yeast FTW!!!!  I also found a good casual vegan restaurant in binghamton, that happens to be only about 2 minutes from my house (what a surprise, binghamton's premiere vegan restaurant is squarely within the faculty ghetto!)  I had a baba ghanoush whole wheat pita there on wednesday that was out of this world.

I still see pizza commercials on tv and think "man, I wish I could eat that."  But for the moment I'm trying to tell myself:  you CAN eat that, you just can't eat it very OFTEN.

I find myself spending way less time thinking about food.  I think this is because I just don't get hungry on this diet.  Or, rather, if I do I grab some nuts or celery or cherries and I'm good to go.  So I don't spend torturous hours feeling like I'm going to starve and internally battling myself about whether I can have some crackers or ice cream or cheese.  It's a huge relief.  I'm more productive at work because I don't get so distracted by being hungry.

As you can tell, so far, it's a love affair.

Total Weight loss:  5 lbs    

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Jaime said...

Why can't you use olive oil on a vegan diet?